Moulabi Mohammad Hannif
(Freedom Fighters)

Moulabi Mohammad Hannif took birth in Kajee Mohalla near Purana Bajar of Bhadrak town on12th July 1899. While reading at Bhadrak High School he was greatly impressed by Dr. H.K. Mahatab. After successfully completing the entrance test, he got a govt. job as a Excise Inspector.

He resigned from the Govt. job in the year 1921 and joined Non co-operation Movement.He propagated the Gandhian ideals like Khadi and National education among the peoples of Bhadrak. He established a School at Puruna Bazar of Bhadrak town on the same ideals of Satyabadi Bana-Vidyalaya of Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das. In 1934 as the president of welcome committee he welcomes Mahatma Gandhi to Bhadrak during his Pada-yatra. During the Quit India Movement he was arrested by the British rulers due to his active involvement in the anti government campaign of undivided Balasore district

Role In Society
Md. Hannif was not only a freedom fighter but also a social worker. In 1924 he was worked as Vice Chairman of the Local Board. For some time he was also the president of the Union Board. He was twice elected as Chairman of Balasore district board, once from 1939 to 1942 and again from 1945 to 1950. In independent India he was also a member of the provisional Parliament from 1950 to 1952. In 1952 he was elected to the Odisha state Legislative Assembly and crowned as the deputy speaker. He was popularly known as the Moulana Azad of Bhadrak. He left this mortal world on 6th October 1967 for heavenly abode.